6:00 Tonight: Sanctification - Part I
> Age 4-Grade 4 - Ranger Joe

> Youth Group - Manhattan House

> Nursery provided for Ages 0-3

College and Career Group - 7 pm, Friday, Aug. 26
We will meet at the Carlsons every other week starting next
Friday. This semester we will focus on the letter to the Galatians,
especially the truth of justification by faith alone. There will also be
activities & events throughout the semester. If you are interested or
have questions, please see Zach or Jenny Carlson.

9 am-2 pm, Sat., Aug. 27 - Womens Prayer Retreat
Women of high school age & older, join us for our Draw Near Prayer
Retreat at CBC. Based on prayers in the Bible, several CBC women will
teach about prayers of adoration & thanksgiving, confession,
deliverance, lamentation, and petition & fasting. Lunch will be
provided. Sign up in the foyer. See Brandy if questions.

Womens Bible Study - 7 pm, Tues., Sept. 13

Join us as we dig deep into the Psalms with author Lisa Hughes on
Tuesday evenings at CBC. We will focus on Psalms 119-127; material
will be available online. See Brandy Elsner or Dana Fultz if questions.

5:11 Groups to Resume in Fall
If you have not been part of one of these groups in the past, & are
interested, please sign up in the foyer TODAY.