6:00 Tonight - Gods Word for Everyone!
> Age 4-Grade 6 - Adventure Club > Nursery provided for Ages 0-3

> Jr. High - Power Room > Youth Group - Youth House

> Adults - Message - Evangelism: Lessons to Learn from John 3:1-15

After Morning Service Today - Last Chance

You may claim any remaining library materials in the Youth House.

Mens Chili Cook-off & Guest Speaker - 6 pm, Feb. 18
All men ages 12 & older are invited. Sign up in the foyer.

Fellowship - Soup & Games - 4-8 pm, Feb. 27 at CBC
Sign up at https://signup.com/go/FKQUsdk - More information in
todays bulletin insert.

VBS - June 6-10 - Annual Drama Opportunity
Interested? Meet with Camron Kinnan in the basement immediately
after the service next Sunday, Feb. 20.

Annual Presentation of Elders
All Elders are to be annually examined by the congregation in light of
Biblical qualifications. There is to be a one-month period for the
congregation to direct encouragement or concerns to the Elders. The
proposed Elders of CBC for the coming year are Tim Elsner, Kris
Stratton, Eric Hershberger, & David Carp. Please take this time to
prayerfully consider these men in light of I Timothy 3:1-7 & Titus 1:6-9.