All of our Children's Ministry classes are for ages 4 Years - 6th Grade.


Sunday Mornings (Generations of Grace) 

Children's Sunday School is from 9AM-10AM. Each class is taught with a curriculum called "Generations of Grace". Over a period of 3 years, we cover every book of the Bible from Genesis - Revelation. 


Sunday Evenings (Adventure Club)

Our central Children's Program "Adventure Club" is from 6:00PM-7:15PM. Our program covers a systematic theology of the Bible and it's Doctrines. Over a period of 3 years the children cover subjects such as "The Church, The Bible, & End Times; Man, Sin, & Salvation; & The Father, The Son, & The Holy Spirit". The children receive a memory verse each week that is applicaple to the lessons they are taught, and they are rewarded for their efforts every 6th lesson on review nights for their memorization of scripture. Our program offers many tools for parents to use at home with their children, as well as a take home book & bag for each child.


Vacation Bible School

Our VBS usually resides on the first or second week of June each year. All children are invited to attend and you do not have to be a part of the church. 


Children's Choir

We also have a seasonal children's choir for major holiday events. Children 4yrs-8th grade are encouraged to participate. 



The Foundation for Children’s Christian Education

The biblical education of children within the church is an important matter. For children to understand the Bible and understand the message of salvation, a proper foundation must be built and exist. It is our conviction that there must be three foundational items to undergird children’s Christian Education.

1) The Bible as the core of the curriculum –

    a. The Bible is God’s revelation of himself and is divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit. (2 Timothy 3:16). We do not need to seek knowledge about God from any other source.

    b. It is the means the Holy Spirit uses to bring salvation to sinful man. (1Peter 1:23)

    c. It is the means by which regenerate people grow and mature. (1Peter 2:2)

2) Teachers must be regenerate –

    a. A teacher must be saved in order to righty understand and communicate the truth of God’s word. This is impossible for an unsaved individual. (1Corinthians 2:14)

    b. Only a saved teacher can be an example to others of true Godly living. (1Timothy 4:12)

3) Dependence upon the Holy Spirit –

    a. The Holy Spirit is at work in the salvation of man. (Titus 3:5)

    b. The Holy Spirit enlightens the mind to the truth of God's Word. (John 16:13)

At Cornerstone Bible Church it is our goal to use only Biblically centered curriculum for our children (or the Bible itself), taught by growing and believing teachers. As these gifted teachers who enjoy working with children faithfully sow biblical truth into their classes, we trust the Holy Spirit will work in His way and His time in the lives of each individual child as the Lord see's fit. The first and foremost thing we want to teach your children is the truth in God's word. We enjoy having fun and it certainly is had, but we will never replace the importance of training your child in the word first, with a fleeting game or laugh.

Meet your teachers for your classes of morning & evening:

Sunday Morning (Generations of Grace)      Sunday Evening (Adventure Club)

4-K: Ashley Heide                                            4-K (Trackers): Sheri Nelson

1st-2nd: Eric Hershberger                               1st-2nd (Scouts): Diane Schmidt

3rd-4th: Heath Herring                                    3rd-6th (Trailblazers): Travis Snodgrass

5th-6th: Marty Knoblauch                                

Just as we are concerned with what is being taught to your children, we also regard their safety as a high priority.  Please see our Children's Ministry Handbook for safety policies and procedures.