Purpose Statement:
Our desire is to bring honor and glory to Jesus Christ by teaching and holding firm to the Scriptures, equipping believers in the church, and boldly proclaiming the Gospel (Col. 1:28; 2 Pet. 3:18).

Distinctives for CBC:
Sufficiency of Scripture – We uphold that the Scriptures alone are ultimately authoritative for the life of the church and for every believer.

Expository Preaching – We are committed to the systematic, verse-by-verse, expositional preaching of God’s Word to equip and encourage God’s people.

God’s Sovereignty in Salvation – We hold that no one seeks God apart from the Holy Spirit drawing them to repent and place their faith in Christ.

Salvation or Lordship of Christ – We believe that to become a Christian, Christ demands that a person must repent and believe in order to be saved and will bear good fruit.

Servant Leadership or Biblical Leadership – We function according to the New Testament principles which mandate that the local church be led by a plurality of godly men called elders who are considered to be true equals.

Evangelization of the Lost – Our goal is to proclaim the Gospel to every man and bring him to the knowledge of the Savior. 

Church Restoration – We contend for the purity of the local church and will fulfill the biblical commands to lovingly restore sinning believers to holiness.

Biblical Creation – We believe that God created the universe in 6 literal twenty-four-hour days, and He created it by His spoken word ex nihilo (“out of nothing”). Gen. 1:1; Ex. 20:11; Ps. 33:6; Acts 14:15