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Generations of Grace

(Last week) January 16th -  LESSON 12: God tests Abraham  (Genesis 22:1-19)

(This week) January 23rd - LESSON 13: God chooses Jacob over Esau (Gen 25:21-34; 27:1-28:5)

(Next week) January 30th - LESSON 14: Jacob wrestles with God (Gen 32:1-33:20)

On this page you will find various video tools that are able to be used for Generations of Grace. There will be new videos posted each week for each lesson. Each of the videos are meant to be watched as a family with your child(ren) and hopefully help spark conversation about the subjects at hand for each weeks lesson.

Your child(ren) also have a family devotional that is to be taught and read weekly by You the Parent with your child. If you do not have one for Year 1, please let us know as they are available for purchase. These daily devotionals correlate daily (Monday-Friday) with each lesson being taught on Sunday.  

Also, pertaininrdg to the videos for each lesson, in order to view these videos you must sign in with your own (Free) Account at this link. 


 Generations of Grace Year 3 Schedule:

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