6:00 Tonight
> Nursery provided for Ages 0-3

> Age 4-Grade 4 - Ranger Joe - Basement

> Forgiven People Forgive - Matthew 18:21-35 - Auditorium

CBC Park Ladies - 10 am, Tuesday - Valley Center
ALL ladies, with or without kids, are welcome. Bring a sack lunch/
snack. See future locations & details on foyer bulletin board & at
CornerstoneFamily Facebook Page.

Neighborhood Evangelism - Wed., July 6
Meet at CBC at 7 pm. See Eric Hershberger if questions.

8:30-9:30 am, Saturday - Corporate Prayer
Join us in the auditorium to pray for The Masters Academy
International (TMAI) with more than 2,000 students, & for believers
worldwide, especially those directly impacted by the war in Ukraine.

5:11 Groups to Resume in Fall
If you have not been part of one of these groups in the past, & are
interested, please see Pastor Kris or Pastor Tim.

Parent Volunteers Needed to Assist Ranger Joe
Many slots remain unfilled for Sunday evenings, including tonight.
Only two evenings are fully staffed.